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Affordable Website Design

Inexpensive website design Stylish and modern, with the latest technology and advanced features, optimized for search engines and applying the latest SEO standards by Web Kaj professional website design company with 15 years of professional experience and brilliant portfolios in the field of professional corporate website design and professional store website design

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Powerful
  • Stable
  • Friendly
  • Responsive
طراحی سایت حرفه ای و اختصاصی

Feature list and pricing of website design

You can have a successful Website by any budget.
Base Website
500 $
299 $
Standard Website
880 $
399 $
Advanced Website
1000 $
499 $
Base Ecommerce
1200 $
499 $
Design Demo Demo Demo Demo
Responsive Design
Ready in 2 Days 2 Days 2 Days 2 Days
Hosting 300 MB SSD 500 MB SSD 700 MB SSD
Free Domain - - .com .com
Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Support Free Lifetime Free Lifetime Free Lifetime Free Lifetime
Free Learning
Blog Section
Pages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free SSL
Mobile/Tablet Full Support
Top Technology
Fast Loading
Graphical Page Builder
Film & Image Gallery
Menu Builder
Static Pages
Search System
Advance SEO -
Form Builder -
Online Chat - -

Quality of your website design is important!

Appear more powerful than competitors
Today, most people search for the services and products they need on the Internet, that's why designing a professional and stylish website is your most important move to participate in the profitable competition of online business. By creating a professional website, you can increase the credibility and prestige of your brand in addition to attracting new customers.

Building a professional website is your business need

To be successful on the Internet, designing a website alone is not enough, but your website must reach all your desired goals. A good and modern professional website should be designed and developed in terms of graphics and user experience, SEO and information architecture, conversion rate, security and speed. At Kaj web site design company we design more than just a website for you. Our only goal is your success and all our knowledge and experience will be at your service for your success.

Website design Professional or cheap?

You can have a professional and suitable website with any budget and have a colorful and powerful presence in the profitable field of online business. If you are a start-up company or have a limited budget, the price and possibilities of our services will surprise you. Surely, one of our website design packages can meet your needs. Our goal is to provide high quality services and of course cheap and suitable prices to all brands, companies and start-up businesses. We hope we can be with you on this path.

Features Cheap site

There are many elements involved in designing a good site, and here we will examine the most important features of a site with a basic design. So stay tuned to the web.

Completely special and creative design

You have to be different to be seen better

Attractive graphics of a professional website is the most important factor in attracting the attention of your audience. A site with a basic design and following psychological points can create a good image of your brand and capabilities in the minds of your audience in addition to attracting the attention of users. In addition, a professionally designed site should have a completely unique look specific to your brand to show your distinction from other brands.

  • Fully responsive design
  • Completely exclusive and unique design
  • Minimal design with easy to use
  • Compliance with the principles of psychology
  • Attractive and user-friendly graphics

Designed by top technology

Be ahead of other competitors

In designing a professional website to achieve the best speed, efficiency and security, we must use the latest available technology to create a pleasant user experience for your users by optimizing the site system with server specifications and of course using new standards. Kaj web site design company uses the latest programming technology such as the Particle system, modular design and the use of the latest and newest programming languages such as SCSS, TWIG, YAML, always provides the highest quality for customers. It guarantees itself.

  • Standard coding based on the latest technology
  • Completely exclusive design of pages
  • Upgradability and very high security
  • High loading speed
  • Powerful OVH servers
  • The new generation of web programming languages

Site optimization for users and search engines

The first rank of Google belongs to you

In professional website design, it should be optimized for users and search engines with easy access and basic and targeted information architecture. In the design of a professional website, attention should be paid to the UX user experience and SEO standards (SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization) should be implemented correctly so that search engines can easily evaluate and record your website content. An optimized site can get to the first pages of search engines much faster.

  • Compliance with SEO standards for search engines
  • Consulting and full training on SEO topics
  • User-friendly design and attention to the UX of the site
  • Basic and targeted architecture of site content
  • Easy and quick access to different sections

Advanced easy-to-use Administration Panel

Manage easily

In fact, the management panel is the heart of your corporate website and it allows site administrators to manage content, users and website settings. A powerful and user-friendly management panel can save a lot of your time and energy, and you can easily manage all parts of the site.

  • Secure and high loading speed
  • Ability to define advanced levels of access for employees
  • Easy-to-use professional management panel

How to have a professional site?

Specialized professional website design services
We don't just design a site at Webkaj. Our goal is to differentiate and build a website that suits your brand's taste and characteristics.

Why Kaj web design services?

Kaj web site design company with more than 15 years of professional experience and brilliant experience in the field of professional corporate and store website design and with the benefit of expert and committed staff, always seeking to implement The ideas are new and creative, and we consider ourselves obliged to comply with professional and ethical principles in all stages of website design to achieve customer satisfaction. In addition to designing a professional website, our goal is to set up a successful and profitable online business for you, and in this way, we try to help you achieve your goals by providing special support services and free training. It will be our honor to receive your warm presence for a new project.

  • Exact timing and timely delivery
  • Adherence to professional principles from design to programming
  • Creativity in design and idea

Steps and professional website design method

Designing and developing a professional website is a clever amalgamation of art and technology and should be executed by skilled and competent experts. At Kaj web site design company to design a professional site, we call on design and programming experts in various fields such as graphic design and template coding, module development, server and database settings and optimization, and .. we need to be able to prepare and implement a good and professional site at the right time. Custom website design usually includes the following steps:

  • Initial consultation and ideation
  • Site graphic design
  • Programming and implementation of graphic design
  • Architecture and content structure of the site

Examples of professional site work

Special design for you

Distinction in web site design services

For a professional start, you will need a professional advisor and support.

Optimized for Google

Fully optimized for search engines
Stand on the first position of Google.

Free support and training

Our level of support will surprise you.
Expert knowledge  We serve your success

Graphic page builder

Designing the appearance of the site without the need for technical knowledge
Create your own dream with just a few clicks

Features you need for a professional site

Free Hosting

Reliable support

Professional SEO

user friendly

Graphic page builder

High speed

Powerful hosting

Unlimited pages

Advanced menu

Video training

Fully responsive

Modular design

Security shield

Frequently asked questions about website design

Is a cheap website low quality?

No, a good site can be designed and optimized at a reasonable price but with professional features.

Why is a WordPress site cheaper?
Due to the high simplicity and versatility of WordPress, the cost of developing and programming a WordPress website is much lower than similar sites.
How to order professional website design?

The best way to order a professional website design is to have a telephone or face-to-face consultation session with the website designer company before doing anything, usually professional website design companies provide initial consultation services for free. At web pine company, we are always ready to hear your ideas.

How to find the best professional website design company?

To recognize the level of capability and professionalism of your web designer company, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • The website of the designer company must be professional and attractive, the professional website design company uses the most care and attention in its website design, so the best measure of the design style and capability of a website design company is the website of the designer company. is.
  • A professional website design company must be professional in its support and response speed, in the order of its documents and documents, in its prestige and in its way of providing advice and contracting and its work procedure, as well as its organizational culture and personnel.
What are the steps involved in building a professional website?

The following steps are usually followed in designing a professional website:

  • Initial telephone or face-to-face consultation
  • Providing Moffit solutions for your project
  • Exact estimate of the facilities you need to design a professional website
  • Calculating the price and time of the project
  • Graphic design and programming of site features
  • Initial content
  • Initial training sessions and management panel delivery
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